Growing Schools

Lesson plans and case studies

A number of teachers have contributed lesson plans, case studies and other downloadable resources showing how they have used renewables in their own teaching. If you would like to contribute to these resources with feedback, or by adding your own lesson plans or case studies, then do get involved.

  1. Maths 1

    It’s in the bag. A study of shopping bags and packaging, considering the materials used and taking in nets, volume calculations, charts and graphs and handling data. Plan for seven lessons, plus slide presentation. Lesson plans Slide Presentation

  2. Maths 2

    Building blocks to a new home. Students are challenged to design an eco-friendly house, using renewable building materials, and learning about 2D and 3D working, handling and interpreting data, applying maths and problem solving. Plan for six or more lessons, plus slide presentation Lesson plans Slide Presentation

  3. Science

    Making biofuels real, by calculating the volume of timber in real trees, and calculating how much energy they could produce Lesson plans

  4. Geography

    Takes a close look at bananas, bamboo, sugar cane and hemp to show how renewable materials are used worldwide. Case study with teaching notes and students’ work. Lesson plans Student work

  5. Design and Technology

    Students are introduced to the concept of renewable fibres then set the challenge of promoting renewable textiles to clothing manufacturers. Plan for seven lessons, plus slide presentation Lesson plans Slide Presentation


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