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Quick ideas for games, quizzes and tasks

This section of the website contains ideas for activities that can be completed in a single session, and are based directly on information supplied in the Renewables Past, Present and Future game. Each is in the form of a downloadable worksheet, and can also be accessed by students via the game pages. We intend to add to this resource over time, so if you have any ideas you would like to share please get involved.

  1. How sustainable are we now?

    Asks about materials we use today, why we choose them, and how sustainable they are. Calls for deduction and argument based on the facts and figures on the cards. View resource

  2. The great materials challenge

    Provides a grid to enable quick comparisons between now and 100 years ago, and asks students to suggest explanations for the differences. View resource

  3. The hundred-year-old quiz

    20 questions to encourage exploration of the kitchen of 100 years ago. All the answers are on the cards. View resource


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